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Do you fancy yourself a good writer? Maybe you have a few ideas for books. Would you ever think that you could turn this into a great work at home opportunity? Why not? Thousands of people have taken a niche market and turned it into a way to make money around the clock.

Selling e-books combines a number of different work-at-home styles. First, you do have to take care of, or do yourself, the writing of the e-book. Next, you need to set up a website that will service your clientele 24 hours a day – essentially giving you a portal to make money from home – even while you sleep!

E-books are electronic books that are stored on a computer. They can easily be downloaded from an Internet site and the buyer can view it using a document reader (like Adobe). From here, they can store, read, and even print off the pages that they want without having to store a book somewhere on a shelf.

Here’s a blueprint of what you need to do in order to set up and sell an e-book as a work-at-home opportunity:

Find a niche – This is the idea you have for an e-book. Most e-books provide information. The key here is to find a topic that people need information on, or, find a topic you think you have a unique angle, and can sell! You may want to do a little bit of market research, with a auto-responder e-mail, or set up a site that allows people input questions they want to know about a topic.

Get the book written – Whether you write the book yourself, or whether you find a freelance writer to ghostwrite the book for you, it needs to get written. That’s the next step. Generally speaking, the cost for a freelancer to write your books is about $10 to $15 per page. This process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple of months depending on the writer and the size of the e-book.

Do a sales page – You will need to design a simple point-of-sale website that people can go to that sells the e-book. This page can be as simple or as elaborate that you want it to be, and all it needs is a link to the site that can take credit card payment. You want your sales page to draw the customers in, and then make the sale.

Set up an e-book merchant account – The one that comes to mind is called Clickbank. This Internet site lists your book by category, and it also facilitates payment for the e-book when a customer clicks through. So, when a customer goes to the sales page, they can click on the merchant link and then you have yourself a sale!

Start selling! – Once you put your book on the market, you might have to wait a little bit for your first sale – but they will come! It is going to take some time before you start generating good income, but many people earn between $500 and $1,000 per month from each e-book.

Getting an e-book up of the ground may take a little bit of time, but it has great potential as a work-at-home opportunity. Once the book is finished, all you need to do is market it the way you want, and you will start seeing the sales roll in, in no time at all!


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